Restaurant Banquette Sofas

Category : Client Furniture · by Feb 4th, 2017
Restaurant Banquette Sofas

Excited to show these newly designed and manufactured restaurant banquette sofas that were done for one of our local NYC…

Privacy Screens [UPDATED]

Category : Client Furniture, Design · by Jan 2nd, 2017

Another day, another wild project. This time we’re working for a new MGM property in Las Vegas. It’s still in a very early stage of development, but we were contracted to design and build privacy, paravent screens for the first sample room review early this year. The word paravent, comes from the french (and naturally a french interior designer is specifying products for this hotel). A Paravent is literally defined as “a screen against a draft or the wind.” Luckily we just have to construct these to hide structural wall elements in the guest rooms. My designs, illustrations, and drawings will help us to manufacture the prototypes. I hope to have photos of the final products shortly and hopefully we’ll complete all 300-400 guest rooms in the near future as well.

Massive Dining Table

Category : Client Furniture · by Nov 12th, 2016


This massive, 14 foot dining table recently shipped to our client. These projects are always a challenge for me to design and engineer. It’s always the components that you’re not supposed to see (and never will) that take up the most time

Restaurant Screen

Category : Client Furniture · by Nov 5th, 2016

Hotel Screen

Finally, I’m allowed to show this design, an upholstered screen divider for a boutique hotel in NYC. More images and drawing coming up on the portfolio side demonstrating how I designed.

Leather Wrapped Game Table

Category : Client Furniture · by Oct 2nd, 2016

This is an older design for a leather wrapped game table. Not quite portfolio material, but good looking enough to share. I designed this item custom to the clients requests, we added a thin band of metal around the top of each leg as a visual detail.

Custom King Bed

Category : Client Furniture · by Sep 2nd, 2016


Just wrapped on a client’s custom sized King Bed. Shipping out today, but I’ll post later to my portfolio to show some of the details.

Custom Game Table

Category : Client Furniture · by Aug 15th, 2016

New game table design today. Our client has requested a reversible chessboard and backgammon well below.


3D Printer

Category : Random Thoughts · by Jul 24th, 2015
3D Printer

The new 3D printer arrived and is off to a great start.

Furniture for High-End Mens Fashion Store

Category : Client Furniture · by Jul 17th, 2015
Furniture for High-End Mens Fashion Store

AF recently delivered furniture to the high-end Mens Fashion Store (Rüdes) in Soho. I helped prepare the designs for the sofa…

Monarch Beach Chair

Category : Client Furniture · by Jul 14th, 2015
Monarch Beach Chair

Wrapped up another new chair prototype with the AF Crew. We’re temporarily calling it the “Monarch Beach Chair”. Not an…